Flexible Services

Value added service tailored to your needs & budget. 


  • Safe work environment.

  • Great references available.

  • Flexible business schedule.

  • Easily accessible supervisor.

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee.




Construction Cleans

On time, every time. Keep your project on schedule.​

  • Work within float.

  • Experienced crew.

  • On-site supervisor.

  • MBE/EDGE certified.

  • Safety 24/7 - 0 incidents.

Office & Building Cleaning

Protection, presentation, &  prevention.


  • Remove allergens.

  • Increase curb appeal.

  • Preserve property value.

  • Wash away built up grime.

  • Reduce long term damage.

Retail Spaces

Details make the difference. Standard scope includes:​

  • Dust and disinfect.

  • Clean interior windows.

  • Kitchen - sanitize & degrease.

  • Bathroom - clean & disinfect.

  • Vacuum, sweep, and mop.

Power Washing Services

Office & Building Pricing

Starting at .10 cents per square foot for basic service. Pricing adapts to your scope and budget.

Power Washing Pricing

Price varies based upon unit (garage, door, breezeway, or housing unit) or square feet of area.

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Construction Pricing

Prices available by the unit or as a flat fee based on scope of work. Itemized bids available to show price for 1st cleans, final cleans, touch up (sparkles), and specialty projects.

Vacant Home Pricing

Pricing starts at .11 cents per square foot and can be adjusted based on cleaning scope. Flat rates available for volume units.

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Mixed Use Buildings
Mixed Use Buildings