NanoTouch Self-Cleaning Surfaces

NanoTouch is CLEAN you can SEE!

NT pushbar
Self-cleaning film
NT touchscreen film
Self-cleaning mouse pad
NT cell wrap
Self-cleaning button covers
NT handle wrap
Self-cleaning sleeve
NT flush handle
Self-cleaning cover
NT doorknob
Self-cleaning mats
NT elavator
Self-cleaning knob cover
Self-cleaning travel mat
“My business partner and I were sitting in a restaurant one day having lunch, discussing some of the materials we’ve been researching. We saw a mom with a toddler, and she’s washing the table down with wipes.  Then we see someone else using hand sanitizer. Then we watch a worker wiping down a table with a dirty dish rag which was just nasty. We knew people were concerned with the idea of cleanliness and hygiene, and yet they’re using all these different things. We asked each other if we could create something that put clean right where and when people need it.” - Mark Sisson, NanoTouch co-founder

NanoTouch, Peel & Stick, Self-Cleaning Surfaces oxidize any organic contaminant without the use of hazardous chemicals or toxins. NanoTouch, Peel & Stick, 'Skins' apply to the surface of many common touch points.

Any normal indoor light (fluorescent, incandescent, or LED) or outdoor light (UV) energizes nanocrystals on the surface which results in an oxidation reaction. This oxidation effect breaks down all organic contaminants. The self-cleaning action starts working immediately and works 24/7 for up to 3 months.


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Mixed Use Buildings
Mixed Use Buildings

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Office Space
Office Space

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