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COVID 19 Cleaning Updates

Corporate Cleaning Inc is EPA compliant. We carefully monitor the CDC and Governor DeWine's website as well as communicate with our Spartan Chemicals regional rep to ensure we follow CDC approved protocol in our buildings, offices, construction work sites, retail spaces, warehouses, trailers, and vacant family homes. We also have strict health guidelines for our employees and regular cleaning/disinfecting schedules for our equipment.

Please call, text, or email for more information, free estimate, or to schedule service.

O: 614-203-6051


Please remember to follow the CDC guidelines for prevention:

  • Properly clean your hands often.

  • Avoid close contact.

  • Stay home if you are sick.

  • Properly cover your cough or sneeze.

  • Clean and disinfect touch surfaces often.

Please see the CDC website for complete information.

Mixed Use Buildings
Mixed Use Buildings